Uterus Surgery Hysterectomy and The Consequently

Uterus Surgery Hysterectomy is one form of treatment medical conventional the controversy. This controversy arises from a feeling-a feeling that many of these procedures are not important. Recent studies find that it had been many efforts that have been made for such cases. One of them is to educate Specialist in Obstetrics & Gynecology about an alternative to hysterectomy. But the rate of hysterectomy is not also decreased. I personally as to believe that there are now a lot of alternative to hysterectomy the Doctor said William H. Parker, M. D.. Doctors in France almost never do the surgical removal of the uterus for reasons of myoma.

uterus surgery

The decision of the American doctors and the decision of the doctors of France against the hysterectomy is very different. This difference can be influenced by:

  • The difference in cultural attitudes.

In a certain country have the attitude that still very much appreciate the doctor so that the doctor says is considered true. While in some other countries, people have another culture as a culture of learning from different sources so that what was said by one doctor not the same as said by other doctors.

  • The level and quality of medical education.

Not all doctors have the same quality when he was studying in medicine. And medical education is also different such as the faculty of medicine, medical produces medical doctor. Faculty of medicine naturopathy which produces a naturopathic doctor. And faculty of medicine, chiropractic generates a doctor of chiropractic. All this doctor has the level and quality of education is different. So different when determining the patterns of treatment to the patient. Do only do the handling, or recovery.

  • The availability of surgical options in certain countries.
  • The ability to pay the cost of care
  • Considerations before performing the Uterus Surgery

Before taking the final decision to undergo hysterectomy, You need other considerations as a second opinion given that the hysterectomy has become a tradition since 1969 when a doctor United States of america write about a hysterectomy in the literature of medicine. This paper finally examined again by Elizabeth Plourde, C. L. S., M. A. through studies conducted over the past 15 years.

Doctors William H. Parker, M.D, and Rachael L. Paker in his book A Gynecoligist’s Second Opinion: The Questions and Answers You Need to Take Charge of Your Health, and Elizabeth Plourde, C.L.s, M.A. In Your Guide to Hysterectomy, Ovary Removal, & Hormon Replacement by Elizabeth Plourde, C.L.S., M.A. Said that the womb does not need to be raised and must remain with women both in young women, adult women, and even old women because the womb is one protector of women’s health in his life. Both experts forbid the removal of the uterus as what is done by medical doctors in general.uterus

But they agreed to the removal of the uterus if there is cancer of the uterus. If the cancer is in the uterus then the uterus can be removed, do not lift her ovaries, so if the cancer is contained in the ovaries, then the ovaries are raised, do not lift her womb he said. Because of the variety result health short-term and long-term against women if the uterus is removed through surgery, then two such experts do not agree if the removal of the uterus is done on the basis of:

  • Sterilization in women aged 40 years and over on the basis that the womb is only needed to produce children, and if no longer want a child then the uterus is no longer needed, and in order not to become the site of the emergence of cancer the uterus can be removed. This philosophy is an ancient philosophy not based on the latest science of the womb, and about the functions of protecting the uterus against the health of all women.
  • The uterine myoma is benign in the uterus. Most surgical removal of the uterus is performed on the basis of uterine myoma. When the uterus is removed then the ovaries will experience a dramatic decrease in quality resulting in long-term health risks in women.
  • Endometriosis or also called endometriosis cyst.
  • To eliminate complaints of hip pain, but after the uterus is raised hip complaints will never be completed even more unless consumed painkillers in various levels according to the level of hip pain.
  • Overcoming bleeding that is not due to cervical cancer but due to myoma or endometriosis.
  • To overcome endometriosis.
  • To eliminate the emergence of cervical cancer.

Consequences which may arise after the Uterus Surgery Hysterectomy

Surgical removal of the uterus is NOT the only solution to the disease of the uterus except against uterine cancer. Because Hysterectomy raises the risk of long-term health of women. And these risks need to be considered before, or to realize after the operation already undertaken. Then such risks can be:

  1. Depression
  2. High blood pressure
  3. Heart swelling or hypertensive heart disease
  4. Bone loss immediately or osteoporosis immediately
  5. Premature Menopause
  6. Dry Vagina
  7. Sexual arousal is lost
  8. Thyroid disorders mild to thyroid cancer
  9. Narrowing of the blood vessels in the heart
  10. Hardening of the blood vessels in the heart
  11. Blockage of blood vessels in the heart
  12. A mild Stroke
  13. Stroke weight
  14. Stroke aftershock
  15. Heart attack
  16. Migraines hormonal
  17. Digestive disorders
  18. Being a user of drugs
  19. The uterus drops
  20. The Vagina down
  21. Premature aging
  22. Various symptoms of hormonal disorders special in accordance with the respective type of hormone disorder

If the result of the long-term health is able to be lived then removal of the uterus may be an option. And also can be the best choice if you feel disturbed by the tumor myoma, and endometriosis cysts.

That’s some of the result generated after performing the operation the uterus. So think about it before you actually do it. Hopefully useful


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