Treating Ulcer Disease Naturally And Without Side Effects

Treating ulcer disease naturally and without side effects. Gastritis or ulcer is inflammation of the stomach or also known ulcers of the stomach attacking the stomach caused by a wound in the stomach. As a result the stomach feels the pain, feels hungry constantly, heartburn, and sore. A lot of people affected by the ulcer disease and many underestimate the ulcer disease. People-busy people like office workers, teachers, employees, school children and students often ignore the discipline to eat on time. Excessive force, fatigue, stress, and eating unhealthy foods to trigger this one disease.

No breakfast in the morning, slow lunch hour and to delay the dinner hour, are the cause of a trifle that is potentially a big trigger of ulcer disease acute.

Treating Ulcer Disease Naturally

Treating Ulcer Disease Traditionally

One of the how to treat ulcer disease, Friends can take advantage of natural ingredients around the house. Here are natural ways that can help relieve and help the treatment of ulcer disease.

1. Treating ulcer disease using Guava leaves


  • Take about 5 pieces of guava leaves, wash clean, then boiled in water.
  • Then the water is drunk regularly morning, noon and night.
  • If it bother, can also directly consume guava fruit that is ripe without consuming the seeds.

2. Treating ulcer disease using Turmeric

Turmeric can be used as medicines ulcer disease


  • Simply grab some segment turmeric, wash clean, scar turmeric
  • Then squeeze the turmeric water
  • Turmeric juice taken regularly in the morning and afternoon.
The other way is:
  • Turmeric which is still intact and clean, does not need to be shredded, simply boiled in water then water decoction drunk in the morning and evening regularly.

3. Treating ulcer disease using Bananas

Bananas are beneficial to treat ulcer disease. Anti-bacterial properties contained in bananas is a potent inhibits the development of bacteria and microorganisms in the stomach


  • Companions consume enough bananas already cook regularly.

4. Treating ulcer disease using Garlic

Garlic in addition to being an integral part in the cuisine, it turns out also efficacious as a medicine of ulcer disease.


  • Puree some suing of garlic and then mixed with water
  • Stir until evenly distributed and can be drunk directly
  • Drink regularly morning and evening in order to heal quickly.

5. Eat Regularly

How to treat ulcer disease next is to maintain a diet so regularly. With regular feeding, the companions will be spared or at least will minimize the chronic gastritis and acute gastritis companions relapse. By eating regularly, the stomach will be scheduled in the working process, thereby reducing the production of stomach acid.

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