How To Treat Asthma With Herbal Medicine

Many people ask How To Treat Asthma With Herbal Medicine. Asthma medication traditional most potent it can be obtained easily to become an alternative to modern medicine, or used side by side with modern medicine. Although when this type of modern medicine or chemical drugs often under-unite to cure the disease. But without us knowing it turns out that in our environment there are many types of drug natural or herbal medicine can help You heal, relieve or prevent You from various diseases. One of which included asthma or shortness of breath.

How To Treat Asthma

There is a reason why you are more advised to use traditional types of asthma medications. That is because the natural ingredients will not have any side effects. Not to mention the natural remedy usually also well-known usefulness because it has been used for generations. But we also do not advise making traditional medicine as a method of primary treatment for the condition of the severe pain. So that You understand more about the disease asthma and a variety of ways to cope, consider the following reviews.

How To Treat Asthma With Herbal Medicine

The drug shortness of breath traditional can be used as the first choice for mild asthma, as an alternative to modern medicine, and used in conjunction with modern medicine to speed up the treatment. If you want to use traditional medicine along with modern medicine, should be tried in small amounts first to see if there are any side effects. Here are some examples of traditional asthma medications most potent that You can try.

How To Treat Asthma Using Honey

How Treat Asthma With HoneyHoney is very good to thin the mucus which inhibits the respiratory tract, which can then be issued. You can consume honey with warm water. Do not with cold water because it will worsen the condition of breathing. And not with hot water, because it will damage the nutrients contained in honey. Mix 2-3 tbsp of honey in warm water can then be drunk.

So that more powerful drug to treat asthma, can be added 1/4 tsp of turmeric powder, or added 1/2 tsp of cinnamon powder. If there is no turmeric powder with turmeric that has been washed, then cut into pieces and put into a mixture of honey, or turmeric is finely ground and then mixed. Drink this honey can also be added 1 tsp of the collision of the garlic. In addition as a cure for asthma, honey is also useful for patients with cancer of the uterus

How To Treat Asthma Using Ginger

How To Treat Asthma Using GingerThe famous ginger can warm the body, it also is one of the traditional asthma medications most potent. Ginger can help overcome inflammation, asthma is caused because there is inflammation in the lower respiratory tract. Ginger can be added to the mixture of honey, honey + ginger. Honey is a combination that is suitable for ginger. In addition to its delicious taste, this combination will further accelerate the overcome asthma. When ginger stop the increase of mucus in the tract by addressing inflammatory properties, the honey will thin mucus so it can be issued.

The use of ginger can be pounded until fine, or with cut-pieces, and then mixed into the honey mixture. If just cut into pieces, give me more ginger compared to if the ground.

How To Treat Asthma using Cananga Flowers Dry

How To Treat Asthma using CanangaTo eat flowers? Just calm down, You will not be consuming the flowers. But You are required to drink a decoction made from the basic ingredients of cananga flowers dry. Cananga flowers is believed to be one of the asthma medicine natural. How to make it, provide three florets of the flower cananga dried, then boiled with 200 cc of water until boiling. After that close the container tightly. It was only after the water is rather cold, drinking water as well. To cure asthma, try drinking a potion of herbs this every day regularly.

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