Tips Treating Facial Beauty At The Evening

Tips Treating Facial Beauty

Tips treating facial beauty at the evening. The Evening is when the most important to take care of the beauty of the face. Although at night Your skin is not threatened damaging effects of ultra violet rays, but it turns out that when You sleep, the skin will regenerate. Skin cells die and damaged will be replaced with a new one. So the process can run perfectly, You should pay attention to several things here.

Tips Treating Facial Beauty At The Evening

1. Clean makeup with perfect

Tips Treating Facial Beauty

So Your pores open and the skin can rest from the chemicals in cosmetics, before going to bed always take the time to clean the whole makeup on the face. Use a cotton swab and cleanser so that all the rest of the makeup is lifted perfectly. After that, rinse your face or use a toner. If all day You are not wearing makeup, make sure to keep cleaning the face, because the activity You do since the morning cause germs and dirt sticking on the surface of the skin. If not cleaned, one-one acne-prone skin.

2. Use humidifiers

While you sleep your skin still needs moisturiser.When You sleep, the pores of the skin open so that it is easier to absorb nutrients than during the morning and afternoon. You can use a night cream suitable for Your skin type. Select the formula is light and does not cause blackheads (non-comedogenic). Do gentle massage during application so that a smooth blood circulation.

3. Allow time for impregnation

Treating Facial Beauty

A great One if You go straight to bed after applying night cream. So You lay your head on the pillow, the cream will instantly stuck in the pillowcase.Take time at least 20 minutes so that the nutrients in the cream had absorbed by the skin of the face.

4.Drinking water

Not only from the outside, the moisture of the skin also need to be guarded from the inside. For that drink a glass of water before going to bed. White water can help neutralize the salt and the ingredients don’t healthy in the foods You consumption, so that the skin awake from dullness. There is no harm if You also add the consumption of vitamin E.

5. Replace the pillowcases

You must diligently replace pillowcases, at least once a week. Why?Because the pillow You sleep with every day is ideal for the proliferation of germs. The rest of the makeup on the face seta oil and dirt in the hair for days stuck in there. If Your face is already clean stick in there, the germs and the bacteria will move to the skin of the face.

6. Sleep quality

Treating Facial Beauty

Sleep is sufficient and restful sleep is the main secret to keep skin in top condition. Make sure Your sleeping enough. Make it a habit to sleep without letting the lights on, because it can stimulate the hormones that regenerate the cells of Your body.

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