Tips to Prevent Yellow Teeth Naturally

Prevent Yellow Teeth Naturally

Tips to prevent yellow teeth. As we know that yellow teeth can affect our appearance and sometimes make us not confident. To keep your the teeth remain white and clean, do the following

Tips to Prevent Yellow Teeth Naturally

1. Brushing your teeth with regular

Lazy brushing your teeth is one of the extrinsic factors cause teeth to yellow. If you want to have healthy teeth, white and gleaming then be diligent brushing your teeth at least two times in day after meal especially before going to bed.

Brushing your teeth not only cleans the mouth of bacteria and leftover food. But can also help to restore the natural color of the teeth. Today many products toothpaste that contains bleach on the market. We just choose which toothpaste is suitable and we can use every day.

Also, choose a toothbrush to suit your teeth, try not to choose a toothbrush with bristles that are too hard because it can injure the gums.


2. Using a straw

Who would have thought straws could be used to prevent the teeth become yellow. And protect our teeth from the color and temperature of the drink. Use a straw when drinking coffee, tea or other drinks that can affect the color of teeth.

This could prevent the direct exposure of existing substances in the drink with the enamel on the teeth. The dyestuff present in coffee and tea can settle on the teeth and eventually cause stains on enamael teeth. These stains will make the teeth become yellow if allowed to continue.

Drinking coffee or warm tea with a straw is a strange thing, but if this thing can make our teeth stay white and healthy why not?

3. Drinking milk

Consume dairy products. Especially plain milk or sterilized milk without added flavors and dyes can help keep teeth white and prevent teeth becoming yellow. The natural color of milk is white and the calcium contained therein will not only make our teeth become strong and healthy. Yet make it into the white.

The dye in the milk can remove stains that stick on the tooth enamel and restore the natural color of the teeth. Choose a product pure milk with no added sugar. Or any other addictive substance and consume a minimum of two times in a day.

Drink warm milk or cold is delicious but keep in mind also that the temperature of the drink can affect the color and damage the enamel coating on the teeth. Therefore, you should consume the milk in the state is not too hot and not too cold

4. Avoid smoking and consuming alcohol

Cigarette comes from tobacco plants that contain nicotine. Substance nicotine in cigarettes can stick on a layer of tooth enamel and eventually cause stains on the enamel layer. Stains that stick on the teeth will accumulate and cover the natural color of the teeth thus making the color of the teeth become yellow.

Same is the case with cigarettes, alcoholic beverages such as beer or wine can cause teeth to become yellow and hard to be eliminated. If you do not want to have yellow teeth. Then you should stop the habit of smoking and drinking alcohol from now on.

In addition, stop the habit of smoking and drinking alcohol not only make the teeth healthy but also prevent you from various diseases including cancer and heart attacks.

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