Symptoms Of Ulcer Disease And Its Causes

Symptoms of ulcer disease and its causes. Ulcer disease or gastritis, also known as gastric ulcer, is not a single disease. Heartburn refers to several conditions that cause inflammation in the stomach. Usually, inflammation is the result of infection by the bacteria Helicobacter pylori which resulted in a wound in the stomach. However, there are also other factors that can trigger heartburn such as Stress, lifestyle unhealthy and irregular eating patterns.

Ulcer Disease

Medically, heartburn or gastritis is defined as a collection of symptoms (syndrome) pain or discomfort in the solar plexus, the upper gastrointestinal tract and the organs around. Symptoms that accompany, among others, nausea, bloating, early satiety, lack of appetite, even vomiting and diarrhea.

Ulcer disease can be grouped into two, namely heartburn and functional heartburn organic. Here’s the explanation:

1. Heartburn functional, i.e. heartburn that if done further tests with diteropong of the upper gastrointestinal tract (endoscopy) not found abnormalities anatomically.

2. Heartburn organic matter, which if examined with an endoscope will be obtained abnormalities in anatomy. For example, wounds in the stomach and duodenum, polyps in esophagus and stomach as well as cancer of the digestive organs.

Ulcer disease also has several stages ranging from mild to acute. And if allowed to continue without treatment, can lead to gastric cancer. The following several stages in ulcer disease:

1. Ulcers mild

Ulcers light is still relatively mild stage where usually each person already are in this stage, if the examination will be visible excess stomach acid in the wall.

2. Chronic ulcer

A chronic ulcer is an ulcer that is severe in intensity in comparison to the ulcer are likely to occur inflammation or a wound in the gastric mucosa.

3. Acute Gastritis

Is the condition of the stomach that is already severe, can occur because there are ulcers, infection in the stomach, and infectious microorganisms harm that is Helycobacter Pylori.

4. Gastric cancer

This is already a stage that is very dangerous and need to immediately get medical treatment.

Symptoms Of Ulcer Disease

1. Pain such as burning be the most common signs of gastric ulcer. The pain of peptic ulcer was felt from the breastbone up to the navel. The pain can last a few minutes or a few hours and can come and go just like that. This attack will be worse at night or when Your stomach is empty. You can find help by eating certain foods or taking medications that can reduce acid in the stomach.

2. Vomiting blood and acid from the stomach is a sure sign of a stomach ulcer. If it gets like this You should immediately check to the doctor.

3. Nausea and vomiting be a sign of an ulcer. Vomiting often occurs to relieve the nausea experienced by patients with gastric ulcer.

4. Take a look at Your poop. The stool of patients with gastric ulcer can be colored black or the like bloody. Tell to Your doctor. Ulcers that bleed and are not treated can cause anemia and other complications.

Ulcer Disease

Food Cause Of Ulcer Disease

Here are some of the types of foods that can cause heartburn such as that delivered by the experts of Otolaryngology, New York:

1. Chocolate

The content of cocoa, caffeine, and other stimulants, such as theobromine, can cause the levels of acid in the stomach increases. In addition, chocolate also contains a lot of fat, while fat can also affect the stomach acid.

2. Fizzy drinks

Drinks that contain soda or carbonated water is one of the main causes of gastric disorders. Because of these types of drinks are highly acidic, coupled with the effect of the carbonation can make the stomach so bloated that it can make conditions so uncomfortable.

3. Fried foods

Like to eat fried food? You should know that these foods can also affect gastric acid due to the fat content high. In addition, like to eat fried foods too often lead to disorders heartburn, which is pain there is in the solar plexus.

4. Alcoholic beverages

The consumption of beer, liquor, and wine can affect the acid reflux. There are several types of alcohol beverages that are indeed not too sour, but experts state that alcohol can relax the channel at the bottom of the esophagus (which is associated with the stomach area), and this can lead to acid reflux.

5. Dairy products that are high in fat

High-fat foods can increase stomach acid levels. While, the dairy products itself is already acidic. So, You should begin to stop eating butter or milk that is high in fat if you often experience disorders of the stomach. Or at least, switch to that without fat.

6. The meat is fatty

In addition to the fat content is high, beef, goat, or sheep can survive long in the stomach as well as increase the possibility of rising gastric acid. Therefore, it is better You reduce the consumption to only once a week. Switch also to the choice of meat without the fat.

7. Caffeine

The habit of drinking excessive coffee each day can contribute to disorders of the stomach. For that, it helps You reduce consumption of coffee, or switch to tea.

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