Social Determinants of Health Are Serious Issues

Social determinants of health are serious issues that must be resolved soon. This is because the disease is not distributed evenly among the population. The problem group where suffering from diseases of the what is the field of study named epidemiology. Data from various countries displaying the availability of the relationship between health and social class.

The relationship Social determinants of health, Lifestyle, and sex

The inter-class mortality difference is caused by a variety of factors. Such as ischemic heart disease, cancer lung, cerebrovascular disease, bronchitis, pneumonia and suicide. Though between the two countries part of the US are neighbours, Utah and Nevada, was not found a lot of difference in the field of income per capita. Percentage of population living in the city, the amount of doctors per 100.000 population. The average level formal education of the population, the structure of age population, the composition of ras. Comparison male and female as well as the range of physical. Yet between them is found the difference is striking in the various fields of health.

Social Determinants of Health

The explanation is sought in the the difference of style of living of the population of the second state. From this caseconcluded that the availability of the means of health and high production of no by itself guarantee the health of the community. The inequality of the distribution of mortality we meet about between male and female. Wrong a social factor associated with the difference mortality men and female difference behavior. Among other things due to the difference of socialization the role of the. Smoking which resulted in a vulnerability against various specific diseases is the norm in many society more done by the menfolk of the by races girls. The same thing happens for the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

Social factors other causes of difference mortality men and female. It is the fact that men more often engage in the various activities that are dangerous. Finding the other attractive is the availability of a difference mortality men and women in the suicide. In the particular case social factors just result in a mortality higher among girls.

The relationship of Health with Effort and Etnisitas

The problem of the health of the population improves with the increasing age. People of advanced age typically suffer the disease degenerative diseases and chronic. They have a figure morbidity the highest until the claim will be health services increased. They are increasingly hard independent and increasingly depends on other people. Various disorders of health not solved because of social factors, such as ignorance and economic factors. Factors social associated with advanced age is ageism, a system of discrimination the pregnancy of a stereotype depicting people of advanced age as people the sick, poor and lonely. Data from different communities often show that ethnicity or race of citizens associated with the state of health them. One of the factors that cause the difference health between clusters the majority of the ethnic and race with a minority group is social class. Social factors are presumed to constitute a cause of the main problem of death is that poverty is an emergency, and the rarity of access to the health services policy.

Disabilities the recommended is the removal of disabilities prevention and treatment from the hospital, clinic. And emergency room to the service directly to the community at risk of the most high, and the campaign education intensive. The findings of the other concerning the difference of the distribution of the disease interracial is the relationship that the amount of young Whites who expressed no meet the following military service due to medical reason always more of the total youth Black Leather. The difference is unexpected because White people are more easy to carry out the role of the pain of the Skin Black. Data about the state of the the health cluster-the cluster is a minority ethnic residing in England shows more high prevalence morbidity and mortality particular among ethnic groups particular from among the local population. Difference system of medical inter-communal migrants and the local population already is one of the factors that be the cause difference the health.

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