15 Natural lung cancer treatment

15 Natural lung cancer treatment. Lung cancer occurs in our bodies as appear the growth of cancer cells that are not controlled in the lung tissue. And the origin of this type of cancer usually of the thin tissue in the pulmonary organs we in the where the form is a layer of cells in the airways. Smoking is a major cause of approximately 75 percent of lung cancer cases in women and 90 percent in men. Lung cancer can be experienced by someone because of the number of smoking rooms which sucked.

Natural Lung Cancer Treatment

Natural lung cancer treatment

1. Quit Smoking

Because the most major causes of the onset of cancer which affects the lungs, is a cigarette. The cigarette addicts or anyone who suffers from lung cancer due to active smoking need to stop this bad habit. In cigarettes there are a lot of content harmful for our body so that it will be more convince us to urgently stop smoking.

2. Wear Soursop Leaf Extract

Natural Lung Cancer Treatment

To treat lung cancer without having to take the medicine the doctor or any other medical treatments that affect the side. Utilizing soursop leaf extract would very help so that the condition of the lungs is better during the treatment. Soursop leaf extract is highly recommended because indeed in them there are compounds acetogenins that can make cancer cells die. Most do not, with the content of the cancer cell growth will be slowed down.

Acetogenins compound will not harm the cells of the body healthy in the body. Because only the cancer cells will be resisted. Has the strength of 10 thousand times greater than drug chemotherapy. Soursop leaf extract along with its acetogenins are known to kill more than twelve kinds of cancer according to the research that has proven it. Then there is no harm to begin to consider the natural remedy this one.

3. Consuming Mangosteen Peel Extract

An extract from the mangosteen peel is very famous for the good benefits. And all the advantages in the care of the body and prevent the body from any dangerous disease, especially cancer. The content of xanthones in the extract are really reliable. And effectively acts as an antioxidant and also anticancer at the same time. Have been demonstrated in a preclinical research with cell cultures of human breast cancer or SKBR3 that xanthones have properties of antiproliferative with great power in which this can be reliable to make the growth of cancer cells becomes slower.

His role as apoptosis also make us more able to believe in the skin of the mangosteen as cancer cure lung natural. Because the destruction of cancer cells is supported by that trait. Various types of compounds included in the xanthones in mangosteen skin, then it is very evident that the benefits are great. However xanthone compounds is only encountered on the skin of the mangosteen.

4. Using Seaweed

Healing lung cancer without drugs or medical treatment can actually course we do and one of the natural ingredients that will help is a seaweed. Seaweed is in fact often get into the macrobiotic diet because it is the power of healing include high. Have proved also that seaweed is very useful in healing various types of cancer, and no exception of lung cancer.

Types of sea vegetables is very beneficial because of its role in detoxifying the human body. A variety of important mineral contained in seaweed, so that the body certainly needs it. Care or treatment of the use of this material may be tried as long as also the habit of smoking also stopped in order to obtain the best results.

5. Drink Green Tea

Green tea is a kind of healthy drink that is not only good for treating lung cancer. But also the type of the disease common cancer. This is because the role of green tea as an antioxidant where cancer of the lungs will be helped in the recovery. But remember, can and is recommended to consume not so then we can eat them as much as we want. Because when excessive is also not good for the body. Simply consume 2 cups per day. Lung cancer will be those with the better in addition to from avoid free.


6. Avoid Sugar

Sugar doesn’t just need to be avoided by people with diabetes. But apparently sugar is also not recommended to be consumed by people with lung cancer. Sugar instead it will increase the growth of cells faster than normal. So that the cancer can be more serious in the near future. To avoid the worsening of lung cancer, you should foods and drinks rich in sugar are avoided as best as possible.

7. Avoid Drink Alcohol

Seems to be already very obvious and does not need to be questioned again. Why alcohol beverages should not be consumed by patients with cancer, including lung cancer. Because alcohol is also one of the types of drinks destroyer of health. Many types of diseases arising in the human body caused by the effects of the liquor. So to treat cancer of the lung is successful, stop the habit of drinking liquor. Not only the lungs will be disturbed in its performance by the alcoholic beverages. The nervous system also will eventually be broken and this is why a lot of drinkers and alcoholics began to lose his senses.

8. A Healthy Diet

Dieting is not only going to help us obtain the ideal weight and body shape is beautiful. Because a healthy diet is also able to help the sufferers of lung cancer in the period of recovery. Starting a diet is balanced when it has felt the symptoms of lung cancer will also lower the risk of cancer becomes severe. Things to do when dieting healthy is to consume lots of water and balanced with healthy foods such as salads.


Fruits are also highly recommended to be consumed. Only for the fruit of the citrus need to be more propagated and should be enjoyed regularly in the afternoon or evening. To help the treatment of lung cancer, the patient is advised to stay away from nuts. Because of the type of food is not good for lung cancer.

9. To Obtain Vitamin D

Vitamin D apparently also important and can be used as a natural remedy lung cancer. To obtain these nutrients, we could search for foods with vitamin D a high milk (cow’s milk is allowed with the quantity a little bit, but other dairy products should be avoided). But actually, vitamin D can be obtained from the rays of the morning sun; so, it is worth every morning take a moment to bask when the morning sun shine. Vitamin D will support the care, recovery and treatment of the lung cancer patients naturally.

10. Using Hemp Oil

Never heard or seen the form of flax oil or hemp oil? If you can, the patients with lung cancer may also wear natural materials for healing a more natural and perfect. How to use clear to eat them with a quantity or dose a little bit every day. Don’t stop and eat every day, even when the lungs feels a little better.

11. Utilizing The Asian Ginseng

Ginseng is undoubtedly indeed the benefits to maintain and even improve the health of the body. Ginseng is very often used as a main ingredient in traditional medicine. And it turns out that this material is also good for treating lung cancer. In fact, according to University of Maryland Medical Center, taking ginseng every day or regularly will be able to reduce the risk of certain types of cancer. In addition to lung stomach cancer, ovarian cancer, liver cancer, and pancreatic cancer can be reduced risk.

This is because ginseng has been proven to have the ability to withstand or slow down the growth of tumors in the body. In addition to the lung cancer treated, ginseng also will help improve the quality of physical and mental pengonsumsinya. So there are actually many health benefits that can be at once perceived by us.

12. Consume Ginger

Ginger may we know as natural ingredients powerful which is most often used as a cough medicine, but ginger is also great and effective in treating and preventing lung cancer. Better it be used as a warm drink or add it to the cuisine, we can feel the effects for the lungs of our central problematic.


13. Using Turmeric

Other herbs that may be used to treat lung cancer is turmeric because the spice level of resemblance with ginger high it has curcumin. Substances there to be very instrumental in the ousting of the substances trigger cancer of the lung. Even for those who suffer from inflammation of the lungs also will be lighter after the consumption of this one.

14. Eating A Pomegranate

Natural lung cancer treatment the other is the pomegranate. Because the fruit is apparently very beneficial to make the blood supply increases. In addition, toxic substances that enter and stay in the organs of our lungs caused by smoking will be eliminated naturally. And also without side effects.

15. The last natural lung cancer treatment is Eating Berries

To dislodge and eliminate all the carcinogens from cigarettes stay in our lungs, berry fruit may be consumed regularly every day. Inside the berries there is a content of zeaxanthin coupled with the flavonoids, lutein and even carotenoids that automatically supports the healing of lung cancer. Type of berry fruits which is recommended to be consumed between other blackberry, raspberry and blueberry.

Natural Lung Cancer Treatment

Thus 15 natural lung cancer treatment which can be done either with or without medical treatment. Natural lung cancer treatment is clearly more reliable without the harmful side effects as long as the ingredients of such drugs are consumed according to the right amount without overdoing it. Clean lungs by the way-the way it and welcome to give it a try.

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