Main Causes Of Acne That Arise On Our Face

Main causes of acne that arise on our face. The cause of the appearance of acne on the face is very important to be known as a form of anticipation we are in the prevention of acne. Acne or in medical language is called acne vulgaris which is the and is the classical problem of the skin of the face (forehead, nose, and cheeks). Though sometimes can be found in the neck and shoulder chest or back. Acne has become a common problem for teenagers and even older people that feel very annoying and lowered confidence.

For most teenagers the causes of acne appear to be one big question to know the answer. To know the causes of the appearance of acne we can anticipate and prevent that can avoid it or at least can be handling correctly. What about the causes of acne? The following will review some of the causes which result in the onset of acne on your face.

Before you figure out how to eliminate acne, first we have to understand what it is acne and its types as well as a wide variety of causes-causes that triggered it. So in addition to can heal us can also know how to prevent it.

Cause Of Acne

Main Causes Of Acne That Arise On Our Face

1. Excess Oil Production

Acne does not always appear because we are less maintain the cleanliness of the face, but can also be influenced by internal factors or from within the body. Acne occurs because of abnormal skin condition caused by a disorder of excess production of oil glands (Sebaceus Gland), causing the occurrence of the blockage in the follicle pores and the hair on the skin. The cause of acne the most common is the pile of oil, hormones, or it could be the soap, which collaborate with the bacteria on the skin of the face.

2. Bacteria

Bacteria is one cause of acne is the most serious. The bacteria called p. acne usually on the skin and are likely to continue to proliferate in the glands of the sebaceos that is experiencing the blockage that cause irritation in the area surrounding. The glands can be ruptured when the swelling process is enlarged, which results in inflammation on the skin around it and cause pain in the face. This is one of the reasons for the onset of cystic acne the type of acne that become enlarged and painful and when cured can result in holes like chicken pox scars.

3. Dead Skin Cells

In general acne occurs because of the increasing number of production of the hormone androgen, resulting in excess oil glands. Finally the acne began to appear because of bacteria mixed with dead skin cells. Blockages formed due to dead skin cells is mixed also with soap until the mixture is thickened, causing black spots or white on the face. Acne in general did strike the face, but acne can also attack other parts of the body such as the back, upper arms, chest and even the scalp.

The Various Causes Of Stubborn Acne

1. Hormonal Factors

Hormones cause the appearance of acne on the face especially on the age of the teen. Acne generally starts appearing at the age of 10 until it reaches 15 years. Then it will start to disappear by the age of 25 years. But also most of the people there are also up to age 40 up to 50 years with a percentage of about 7%. Generally women have a risk of developing acne in 2 to 7 days prior to menstruation, patients taking medications-certain types of drugs such as steroids, cortisone, estrogen, testosterone and feniton as well as in women who are pregnant.

2. Less Maintain The Cleanliness Of The Hair

What to do acne on the face with hair? It turns out that hair has an important role in causing the onset of acne therefore it is very important to maintain the cleanliness of the hair. Someone less maintain the cleanliness of the hair such as infrequent shampooing for example, when the scalp produces oil in excess, then the oil will be flowing to the face or can also flow through the hair. So that when the oil mixes with dust, dirt or bacteria which eventually can result in blockage of the pores of the face and comes the acne. That’s why sometimes acne can be very stubborn and difficult to remove even handling correctly.

3. Consuming Fizzy Drinks

Drinking carbonated drinks also have adverse effects on the human body one of which could trigger the onset of acne. Carbonated beverages can create inflammatory processes in the human body. Because in the soda contained aspartame is one of the substances that can cause and increase acne. Soda also can lower the PH which can cause acne is quite stubborn and difficult to overcome.

4. The Presence Of Friction Or Pressure On The Skin

Acne can also be triggered by pressure on the skin such as helmets, collars, phone, and a variety of other objects without us knowing it can cause acne. Aside from the pressure on the skin of the bacteria or the objects stick to last if it is not clean is the main trigger.

5. Allergies Food And Drink

Causes of acne the other is from an allergy to certain foods and drinks. Such as for example sea food, milk and so forth. Food-other food which can also trigger the occurrence of acne is the food that has jumalha Vitaman A, high in Vitamin E and contain too much Carbohydrates.

Various Causes Of Acne That Are Common

  1. Genetic or hereditary factors
  2. A result of the hormone testosterone if on men-l
  3. Bacteria that infect through the pores of the face
  4. Scratching the face can cause irritation on the skin
  5. Anabolic Steroids
  6. The Age Factor
  7. Blockage in the pores of the face because dead skin cells
  8. Consuming alcoholic beverages and smoking
  9. The lack of consuming foods that contain Vitamin A and Vitamin B
  10. Hold and squeeze a pimple
  11. Too often affected by exposure to direct sunlight
  12. Less maintain the cleanliness of the face with a face wash routine
  13. Dirty hair stick on the face
  14. Because too much of the burden of thought or stress
  15. Due to the overactive oil glands
  16. Due to the hormonal decline in women
  17. Because of the dirty blood
  18. Due to taking birth control pills
  19. Due to air pollution dirty
  20. Consuming too much chocolate
  21. Allergies on chemical substances contained in cosmetics
  22. Less consume of water
  23. Less maintain the cleanliness of the skin

Well so some of the factors that cause the appearance of acne on the face, chest, back or other parts. Hopefully we know these causes we can know how to eliminate acne with the right and do the prevention of it afterwards.


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