How To Increase Body Resistance Against Disease

How to increase body resistance against disease. Each person has a body resistance which functions to keep the body in order to maintain health and defend yourself from the attack of various diseases. If there are germs that get into the body, then this is where endurance plays a role. Namely to keep the body is not infected by germs. If a person has a low immune system the chances of a person’s body will be easily affected by the disease. Whereas if a person has a body resistance is high then it is likely to be exposed to the infection become increasingly small. Therefore, the durability of the body becomes very important and should be improved.

increase body resistance

Endurance can be improved by a healthy lifestyle, whether it’s on baby, toddler, child or adult. So a weak immune system could be better if someone could change the pattern of his life becomes the pattern of life that is healthy and balanced.

In general endurance of the body each person has different levels even in the conditions of the particular durability of high body can drop. This could be due to the lifestyle that may be less healthy living or because of other factors. Therefore, You can start to improve Your endurance by performing various routine activities that nourish every day.

How To Increase Body Resistance Against Disease

Below are some natural ways to increase body resistance. Compiled from a variety of sources, check out the description below!

1.) Sleep

Sleep has become an important aspect in maintaining the durability of Your body in order to remain good. You should have time to rest enough, as much as possible to avoid staying up late. Everyone in general is supposed to sleep for 7 hours to 8 hours each day.


2.) Subtract the Stress

Unhealthy thoughts or stress causes the immune system to become weak. To have a healthy life and quality of mind should be always positive and relax. Because the way of thinking that is negative also give negative effects on the body. You can spend time with Your friends or even go breathe the air cool to prevent yourself from stress.

3.) Fresh Fruits and vegetables

Types of vegetables and fresh fruits can provide a variety of nutrients on the body. Such as anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, fiber and enzymes also play a role in enhancing the immune system. In addition, some types of vegetables and fruits that have dark skin usually has a content of flavonoids, polyphenols and antioxidants are high enough and better for durability of Your body.

4.) Consumption of Lemon to increase body resistance

Lemon can help keep the body pH in order to remain balanced. And so that the good bacteria in the body is maintained. In addition, the lemon will prevent from the emergence of bacteria and also a nasty virus that at any time could attack the body.


5.) Olive oil

Olive Oil has many health benefits, the content of fat that exists in olive oil can serve as a lubricant cell. Which can be further improve the flexibility and communication that occurs between cells. So as to make the immune system become better in the fight against the disease.

6.) Eat in Moderation

Every time to eat, You could consume the food to taste. And try to consume foods that can easily digested by the body. You are recommended to reduce the consumption of various processed products excessive and multiply to consume fruits and vegetables for example oranges, peppers, strawberries and other types.

7.) Reduce the Coffee

Content of caffeine in coffee can eliminate the minerals and vitamins that the body needs. In addition to the caffeine content also can make your body lose fluid. For that, You have to provide two glasses of water every time You consume one glass of coffee.

8.) Out of the House

Most of the people spend time inside the room, and breathe the air of the room that is less healthy for the body. You might be able to more often to get out of the house and breathe the fresh air of the morning. With a breath of fresh air outside the house can improve the working system of thyroid tissue and the immune system.

9.) The consumption of Tea

the Content of anti-oxidants in the tea are able to improve the body’s resistance becomes better. If You are tired of consuming green tea or black tea You can also create your own herbal tea with ginger, cinnamon and turmeric in it. And drink the tea to taste.

10.) Turmeric and Honey

If You begin to feel symptoms of flu or colds, You can try to consume a drink consisting of a mixture of ingredients of honey and turmeric. You can mix it with warm water and then consume it.


11.) Almond oil and Sesame seeds

the Content of vitamin E and antioxidants in the two ingredients is better to keep the durability of the body, in addition it is good also for Your skin. By using almond oil and sesame can be protective of a variety of diseases that come in the rainy season.

12.) Regular Exercise

An important Aspect in maintaining the health and endurance of the sport. With exercise routine such as walk, jogging, cycling, pilsates or yoga can improve the durability of the body from various attacks of the disease. In addition the mind will become more relaxed with exercising.

The above is a description about How to Increase the Durability of the Body from various attacks of the disease. With the points already outlined above, hopefully You can improve the body’s resistance becomes better. As much as possible to always keep a healthy lifestyle by getting used to consuming healthy food daily and exercising regularly.

Durability the body at any time or in certain conditions can be weakened by various factors for example diet or lack of rest so You are obliged to always keep Your health to keep the body healthy, in shape and fit every day.

Hopefully the article of how to increase body resistance against disease, this could provide information on how to improve the durability of the body so that it will always survive from any attack of diseases. May be useful. Take care Always of Your Health.


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