The healthiest way to improve sleep quality

The healthiest way to improve sleep quality. Sleep patterns, or our habits in terms of sleep, strongly influenced the biological clock that regulates our awake and sleep for 24 hours. Changes in sleep patterns usually occur because of staying up late or awake longer. This causes changes in sleeping habits and a shift in the biological clock, causing us to fall asleep at a time which is abnormal.

Improve Sleep Quality

The age factor and service lead to a sleep routine can be changed easily. The lack of night time sleep and replaced with a sleep in the day is one of the examples of changes in sleep patterns, and this can lead to the body does not work optimally. Normal sleep patterns is sleep time 7 to 8 hours at night time, and the rest is spent awake.

Here are The healthiest way to improve sleep quality

1. Make it a routine to sleep

Sleep patterns of 7-8 hours at night may be too difficult to follow for some people. But the things that need to be considered in forming a sleep routine is to make yourself as comfortable as possible. Identify and overcome the factors that can disturb Your time of rest.

You may difficulty to set the sleep cycle at night to fall asleep at the same hour. However, You can try to keep the cycle maintained by waking up at the same hour in the morning. Do this gradually by getting up on the morning of day 5 to 15 minutes early until You get used to the time to wake up.

2. Try to be consistent with the bedtime routine for one week

Consistency is the main key if You want to fix the sleep time. That means You should form the habit of duration to fall asleep, as well as the time to start to sleep and awaken at the same hour. This should be done for one week including weekends.

3. Note the pattern of consumption of food and drink

Here are some important points in the predetermined pattern of consumption before bed:

  • Avoid consumption of caffeine (either from coffee, tea, or other sources) of more than 12 hours before Your sleep time.
  • Do not drink too much liquid before bedtime so you do not have to wake up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet.
  • Avoid alcohol consumption before bedtime because it will interfere with the process of the body to sleep.
  • Avoid consumption of sour and spicy food before going to bed.

If You feel hungry at night, try to eat food that is healthy and do not cause difficulty to sleep, like a snack of whole grain, cereals low in sugar, and bananas.


4. Create the room comfortable bed

Here are several ways that bedroom feels more comfortable to rest

  • Reduce or eliminate noise from both inside and outside the home environment. Avoid repetitive sound such as engine sound from the fan. If you can not minimize the source of the noise, use a tool such as earplug
  • Keep the room temperature cool. Too hot or too cold will affect the quality of your sleep. Try to sleep room temperature about 18 degree Celsius.
  • Make sure You fall asleep with a comfortable position.

5. Make the bedroom dark at night and bright during the day

The biological clock of the body easily affected by the stimulus of light. If You want to fix the sleep time at night, try to reduce exposure to light at night emanating from the lamp and computer monitor. In the morning, make Your room filled with the light of either sun light or lamp light. Bright rooms will make it easier for someone to wake up to.

6. Don’t just lie in bed while having trouble sleeping at night

Difficulty falling asleep at night usually under a lot of stress and too many thoughts by brainstorming prior to sleep. Of course this will pose a difficulty to fall asleep because in addition have lots of the mind, the body is trying to rest. If this happens, get up from the bed, do activities that make You relax, and understand what is bothering the mind. Giving the priority to the mind and Your body to relax first before You try to fall asleep.

7. Set a schedule that is right for physical activity or exercise

Regular physical activity can help You to fall asleep faster and improve sleep quality. If You have the habit of exercising, do the activity regularly and try in the morning. If it is not done in the morning, should be done about four to five hours before You fall asleep and give about one hour for relaxation of the physical activity before bed time.

Remember that exercise is one of the best ways to make your body fit and improve sleep quality. So for those who want to improve sleep patterns, please exercise 15-30 minutes per day and no need to have to the gym. At home you can do light exercises, such as simple muscle stretching.

8. Avoid dozing off during the time You normally awake

To reduce the difficulty of sleeping at night, you should avoid falling asleep at the usual time of your day and time with hours of sleep, for example in the afternoon. Try not to fall asleep when You feel tired or sleepy after eating. Let your body completely fall asleep when You feel tired and need to sleep. If You are really tired and need to sleep during the day, try not too long or about 20 minutes.

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