Knowing the characteristics of heart attack symptoms

Knowing the characteristics of heart attack symptoms. Heart attack disease is basically caused because the cells of the heart die. And the resulting supply blood to the heart to a standstill. Or it could be caused by a blockage of the blood vessels. Heart disease is the murderer number one in the world which occupies the first stage of the joint disease stroke. According to the description of the Federation the World Heart, throughout the year 2014, in Southeast Asia reached 1.8 million cases.

Heart Attack Symptoms

The Cause Of Heart Disease

Usually that causes a person to have a heart attack is because the lifestyle is not healthy, smoking, and consuming foods pregnancy high cholesterol.


Carbon monoxide and nicotine content in cigarette smoke can trigger the emergence of blood clots as well as drive the heart to work faster than usual so that will make the heart burden. In addition, compounds other chemicals contained in cigarette smoke can make the walls of the arteries of the heart become damaged which then will be inducing a constriction. Read more about the dangers of smoking for the health of the body and the heart.

A lifestyle that is Not Healthy

The life style here or in other words patterns of life related to eating patterns and also activity other physical. A bad habit should not be preserved because the losers are not just other people, but yourself. activity physical exercise should be done on a routine basis because our bodies need it. So also eat. A healthy Diet is the right choice to prevent heart disease.

Excess Cholesterol in the Body

Excessive bad cholesterol is very dangerous for the heart. It is very easy to stick to the blood vessel wall so that potentially becomes plaque. The normal cholesterol in the blood should be less than or equal to 100 mg / dl. Therefore know what foods that contain high cholesterol.


When a person has hypertension or high blood pressure it will have an impact on heart health. Because high blood pressure will trigger more severe heart work than usual and also blood vessels.


Diabetics at risk more exposed to heart disease. This is caused because of the thickening on the walls of the blood vessels thus making the blood flow obstructed.


Obesity or overweight are prone to heart disease. They have a great potential for suffering from high blood pressure, excess cholesterol, and also risk exposed to the disease type 2 diabetes. Physically, the work of the heart also need the weights more than to the body ideal.


Age get older in tandem with the decline of many bodily functions resulting in a person at risk affected heart disease.

Family History

People who have a family history with heart disease, larger risk than not have a family with a history of heart disease.


Characteristic of Early heart attack symptoms

In addition to dead heart cells can also be due to blockage of blood vessels. While the blockage itself is divided into 2, namely:

  • Blockage of large coronary arteries, which usually occurs only temporarily and accompanied by pain in the chest.
  • Blockage of the vessels of the coronary small, i.e. a blockage caused by cholesterol or it could be because of the influence of diabetes and the impact it will make the blood vessels become stiff.

Lifestyle folks the modern this moment as the food is not healthy, lazy exercise, lack of rest, and smoking also aggravate the spread of the spread of the disease. Heart disease is more often suffered by men but do not close the possibility of women also can be affected by also.

In general, heart attack symptoms such as the following :

1) Pain in the chest

Heart disease sufferers usually will feel the symptoms of pain in the chest that became the first sign of someone affected by heart disease. However, it remains unclear whether the pain in the chest that you feel is caused by clogging of the arteries or just another symptom of the disease. Therefore you should consult this symptom of weak heart disease to the doctor. If not treated immediately and the more severe the day, this condition will make the patient’s body becomes increasingly weak and numb. It’s dangerous, is not it?

2) Remove the sweat

Sweat when you are doing activities, generally the area of the palm of the hand that is often out of a sweat.

3) Feel tired excessively

Feel tired also could be indication of early heart disease before you do not do anything physical any weight. The characteristics of the next heart disease is the patient will be very easy to feel fatigue. Although not doing heavy activities. Or if you also feel tired when you wake up when you should feel fresh. You should see your doctor immediately. To ascertain whether the symptoms are harmful or not to you. And whether the symptoms include symptoms of heart disease or not.

4) Shortness of breath

Because the contractions of the heart muscle that are not normal can affect to the lungs up will cause you shortness of breath.

5) Heart palpitations

Heart pounding for no reason it feels like it’s been doing the run can also be caused because the symptoms of early heart disease.

6) Anxious

People who are feeling anxious usually think of the condition of his body about the disease it helps you calm down because feeling anxious it will disturb your heart.

7) headaches

Headaches in the early of heart attack symptoms. Perhaps if you are not keen on the characteristics of heart disease, you will feel that these headache symptoms are the usual symptoms you may experience. But it turns out that the symptoms of headache suffered by heart disease can occur when the patient is exposed to the light beam. What is the effect on the heart? When you are exposed to the light, the heart will be affected to beat faster than normal. The American Academy of Neurology says that headache complaints felt by people with heart disease occur because of irregularities in blood circulation. Well, for those of you who experience vision problems and also often experience migraine, maybe you should check yourself. Perhaps it is the forerunner of the symptoms of weak heart disease.

8) Decreased appetite

One indication of heart disease is the sufferer has a decreased appetite and usually accompanied by nausea and vomiting.

9) Part of the body swells

If there is one part of the body to swell for no reason you must be careful soon you do the anticipation.

10) Pain in the body

This caused by blocked blood flow for the body and result in pain.

Please note the characteristics of heart disease above is generally not specific. Because heart disease suffered by people is different. Start from now love your heart by changing your healthy lifestyle. Stopping smoking and avoiding high cholesterol foods. So, I hope this article useful to you.

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