Benefits of Yoga to Maintain Heart Health

Benefits of yoga to maintain heart health. Yoga is one of the branches of sports that promotes movement of the body and breathing to achieve the goal. Usually movement is not too heavy, but more to balance and flexibility. In many studies mentioned that this sport has many benefits. And one of them is to maintain the health of the heart. While reducing the risk of diseases that may attack.

Yoga can be used as one of an alternative exercise for those of You who are lazy with the load-a heavy load. As is known that Yoga has many benefits. So that men and women now many who do Yoga in order to maintain healthy body.

Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is one of the main art, but not art. Yoga is a spiritual art, physical exercise and also the soul. Usually desired by people that doing Yoga is the health and fitness of the body. But Yoga traditionally has a goal for happiness and one of such happiness is having good health including heart health.

Benefits of Yoga to Maintain Heart Health

1.) Benefits of yoga to Increase physical activity

According to research conducted by the American Heart Association (AHA), one of the causes of heart disease the most significant is physical activity. However, in other studies mentioned that the factor of activity which really can be affected otherwise. It is to maintain the health of the heart.

This is evidenced by a study, where people who regularly perform yoga have a body that is fit, and has a good heart health. In addition, in a journal that was created in the year of 2012 mentioned that, the study states, participants of the trial who had not previously been active there in a yoga class, then regularly do yoga twice in a week physically active and heart healthy.

The recommendations of the AHA itself states that the aerobics or yoga can do for 30 minutes, five days a week to maintain overall heart health. In addition, You can also do it as much as two days in the week to get other health benefits.

2.) Benefits of yoga to Helps manage stress

Benefits of yoga for heart health the next is to keep the body from stress attacks. We know that stress has a high contribution to the development of heart disease.

By doing yoga, You will be spared from various diseases cognitive, such as depression, stress and anxiety. This is also evidenced by research carried out in Canada. In fact, a cardiologist named Joel Kahn, MD said that the stress associated with breathing. Indirectly We know that all the movements of yoga requires setting the breath consistent.


3.) Benefits of yoga to Lowers blood pressure

Lower blood pressure is one more benefits of yoga for heart health. This is evidenced by the 2014 reviews of scientific studies stated that yoga plays a role to manage hypertension. Robert Ostfeld, MD, a cardiologist said that the relationship between hypertension and yoga dwell on the combination of stress reduction and body fitness.

4.) Benefits of yoga to Improve aerobic capacity and endurance cardiovascular

In a study conducted on the heart failure patients, mentioned that most of Those who follow a regular yoga activity have an increased aerobic capacity as much as 22 percent. In addition, in the research also mentioned about the reduction of inflammation in the heart, increased flexibility, cardiovascular endurance and quality of life of patients.

5.) Benefits of yoga to Maintain the regularity of heart rate

Benefits of yoga for heart health can You get next with regard to heart rate. When the beating of the heart are abnormal or abnormal, such as atrial fibrillation or afib, the risk of stroke and other complications is very high. While on the other research mentioned that about 49 patients afib who practice yoga have reduced risk. In addition, in other research mentioned bring a yoga practitioners have a heartbeat that is regular and lower blood pressure.

6.) Benefits of yoga to Prevent depression and improve a sense of social

By attending community yoga, people who have a history of heart disease will be spared from the depression. It is actually better to turn off the sense of social isolation, so that the patient feeling more calm even though They know that the disease experienced is very heavy.


Some of the benefits of yoga for heart health on top of probably already is enough to spur Your desire to start following a yoga class. However, You should pay attention that yoga has its kind of each and every type has a main focus that is different.

There are at least three main types of sports of yoga and include Hatha yoga, where movement is more to the traditional form that promotes softness, meditation and breathing exercises. The second type is named Vinysa, where yoga is used as physical exercise that focuses on breathing and movement. While the latter type is Hot yoga, where You will be invited to do the exercise in the room berusuhu quite hot, around 105 degrees. Yoga was the last type of this can not be done by just anyone, especially for heart disease patients.


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