Benefits Of Honey To Remove Acne Scars On The Face

Benefits of honey to remove acne scars on the face. Honey is one type of herbal ingredients that are able to eliminate acne scars in the form of black stains. The efficacy of this natural material to take care of beauty has been proven through modern research. In fact, honey contains anti-bacterial substance and is an antioxidant useful eliminate black spots acne scars.

The efficacy of the main honey for acne scars is the repair with nourish skin cells damaged by the bacteria and free radicals. How to wear them is also easy. Just by making simple face masks and in a few days the black spots will disappear naturally.

Benefits Of Honey

The usefulness of honey as a mask for removing acne scars comes from the antioxidant content in it. While the anti-bacterial substance in honey plays an important role to prevent stubborn acne will re-appear.

Acne scars blackening occurs due to damage to the cells of the skin of the face. If left unchecked, then the cell regeneration process will run long and even, potentially permanent damage to the area. This is where the important role of benefits honey mask, i.e. as a natural face mask that became the source of nutrition it takes the skin so the process of removing old dead skin cells (broken) and the emergence of new skin cells can take place much faster.

Benefits Of Honey

In addition beneficial to eliminating acne scars that is black, the efficacy of honey to the face as a natural moisturizer (dry skin type), cleansing the dirt , as well as slow down the appearance of signs of aging such as dark spots, wrinkles or dull colors (not evenly) on Your beautiful face.

As well as the organs of the body other important. The skin of the face also requires special care and intake of nutrients. If these nutrients can be obtained optimally, then the risk of facial skin damaged because of stubborn acne that leave scars in the form of black spots can not be avoided.Skin problems that interfere with Your beautiful appearance like a dry, dull, oily or rough going away by itself.

Generally acne appears due to the lack of attention to the parts of the face. Lazy to wash your face, makeup is not cleaned perfectly, allergic factors, and environmental factors dirty. Usage facial cleanser highly recommended for those of You who often wear make up thick.The goal is that the chemical substances contained in the make up can be cleaned perfectly.

Steps the most simple to prevent the appearance of acne is to diligently wash your face. Although many consider for granted, washing your face regularly is proven to remove dirt that could potentially carry the bacteria that cause acne.

Then diligently wash your hands with soap. This is a powerful tips that cheap to prevent bacteria, germs and dirt that cause acne due to blockage of the pores of the skin.Certainly you are conscious of if the palm of the hand is a medium a conductor of germs that are best among the other parts of the body.

Benefits Of Honey To Remove Acne Scars On The Face

Benefits Of Honey

  1. Start with washing your face using water to clean, pat dry with a towel or cloth.
  2. Prepare a spoon of honey (or adjust to your needs).
  3. Heat with a candle or a lighter until it comes out the froth.
  4. Let stand a few moments until not too hot (warm).
  5. Apply slowly to areas of the face that there are black spots of acne scars.
  6. Wait for 30 – 60 minutes so that the nutrients in honey can be absorbed by skin cells.
  7. Then wipe Your pretty face with warm water.
  8. Do the above regularly until the dark spots fade away by itself.
  9. Alternatively, apply warm honey at bedtime. Let stand until morning as a night cream, then wash your face with cold water after waking up.

Use honey as a face mask to remove acne scars black can visible results within a few weeks or even only until a matter of days. The duration of the healing process of damaged skin cells caused by acne depending on the health condition of the skin of each person, the intensity of the use of honey masks, and special treatment for the skin of the face.


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