Benefits of Green Tea for Body Health

Benefits of green tea for body health. Green tea is one type of tea most widely consumed after black tea. The taste of green tea itself is not much different with black tea that we often consume. But it turns out that the price for the green tea is slightly more expensive than ordinary tea. This is because green tea has a high content of antioxidant called polyphenols and low in caffeine. Own antioxidant is a compound that can help nourish our body, such as skin tightening and spare him of the signs of premature aging.

Green tea is now very popular in the world. A lot of studies that prove that regular consumption of green tea can lower the risk of heart disease, nourish the psychic because the effect of the tea itself can be used to soothe. In addition to polyphenols, green tea also contains flavonoids , phytochemicals that have properties anticarcinogenic and antioksidatif.

Benefits Of Green Tea
Green Tea

In addition, the benefits of the tea leaves is also used in some health products, such as green tea extracts in beauty products. There are also diet tips recommend that people who undergo diet is to regularly consume green tea every day to help burn body fat. In one cup of 150ml of green tea, can burn 25-30 calories, and each 250 ml of the tea can burn 40 calories. Although the diet with green tea is not too significant, but if balanced with exercise and dietary adjustments would further speed up the diet program.

Here are some of the benefits of green tea for the health of our body that we must understand. So from now on we can change the pattern of our healthy life. No matter if every day we have coffee, however if consuming too much coffee will have an impact not good for the health of our body. Therefore we have to be balanced with the consumption of tea. If coffee will boost the performance of the us because of the high content of caffeine, then green tea we can calm our body.

Benefits of Green Tea for Body Health

1. Benefits of green tea to keep the skin health

As disclosed above, green tea contains polyphenols and a substance antioxidant. consume green tea every day will help nourish the skin, prevent skin from premature aging, appearance of fine lines on the face, tighten the skin, eliminate dullness on the face.


2. Benefits of green tea to Avoid the risk of baldness

Health problems this hair occurs most frequently in women. The problem of hair loss and broken due to hair lacking nutrients. This is where the role of green tea that helps provide hair nutrition. Therefore there is some products shampoos and hair care using extract of green tea.

3. Benefits of green tea to Eliminate acne

One of the benefits of tea masks is to overcome the acne on the face. Acne is a problem of the face that is often caused by the blockage of the pores of the skin. One of the factors caused due to dust and pollution which makes the face become dull due to dirt and then cause acne to appear. Therefore the most effective way is to use a mask of green tea to eliminate acne. In addition if you want simple, look for products facial cleanser that contains green tea extract.


4. Benefits of green tea to Lose weight

The benefits of green tea for weight loss is not foreign, a Lot of diet programs that recommend to consume green tea in order to speed up the burning of fat in the body. In one cup of 150ml of green tea, can burn 25-30 calories, and each 250 ml of the tea can burn 40 calories.Although the diet with green tea is not too significant, but if balanced with exercise and dietary adjustments would further speed up the diet program.


5. Benefits of green tea to Set the pressure blood sugar

In the world of medicine, especially the use of herbs such as chinese medicine. Green tea has the function to regulate the pressure of the blood sugar. Consumption of green tea each day in addition to nourish the outside such as the skin, also nourish the inside of our body.

6. Benefits of green tea to Green tea reduces the risk of cancer

The content of antioxidants in green tea, is believed to be better than on the content of vitamin e. The function of high antioxidant is also helps to nourish every cell of our body and avoid the risk of cancer due to the consumption of foods that contain a lot of harmful chemicals every day. The benefits of green tea to reduce the risk of cancer can be seen on the following data;


a. Breast Cancer

One type of cancer that occurs in women, the analysis of observational studies stated that women who drink green tea have a risk 22% lower when compared to women who did not consume green tea.

b. Prostate Cancer

Cancer most often occurs in men this is a serious threat to every man. If you want to reduce the risk, regularly drink green tea. Because the study states that men who drink green tea have a 48% lower risk than men who do not consume green tea.

c. Colorectal Cancer

This study was expressed from an analysis of 69710 women in China. From the study it was stated that drinkers of green tea had a risk 57% lower having colorectal cancer compared to people who did not drink green tea.

7. Benefits of green tea to Reduce the risk of passing on heart disease and cholesterol

Green tea helps to prevent damage to the channel of our body towards vital organs such as the heart and brain. The content in green tea it will help lower the bad cholesterol in the body, cleanses the channels of the body so as not to impede the circulation of the blood due to cholesterol which can lead to high blood.

8. Benefits of green tea to Green tea to ward off free radicals

Ever noticed why japanese women who are aged still remain beautiful, have seductive body, and still look toned ?. Beauty secrets of japanese women could not be separated from the tradition of drinking green tea. It’s no secret if you consume green tea will help You win free radicals cause premature aging. So it’s been a lot of evidence of the benefits of green tea for beauty, when to start to regularly drink green tea ?.

9. Benefits of green tea to Improve the performance and the ability of the brain

Green tea was not only beneficial for the outside of our bodies. However green tea is believed to improve the performance of our brain. Green tea contains caffeine such as coffee, but in size a little more. The caffeine content is not too great this turned out safer to our health. The caffeine content of this will help improve the working abilities of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and noreponefrin, in addition memory capabilities and reflexes of the brain get better.

10. Green tea lowers the risk of alzheimer’s and parkinson’s

Surely You’re familiar with the two diseases. Both relate to the health of the nerve tissue of our body. Alzheimer’s is caused due to the presence of blockage, often caused due to blockage of the fat head, which leads to the sufferer experiencing senility and lose the ability to control his motor functions. While parkinson’s is a disease that causes the sufferer experiencing a decline in motor ability. The signs the body is often shaking time not to be active.

But it turns out that both of these diseases can be avoided with regular consumption of green tea. It is because of the content of catechins , which help build a defense system in neurons especially in the brain.

11. Benefits of green tea to Eliminate the headaches

You never a headache and has already taking medication however do not go away ?. From now stay away from drugs and begin to drink tea to relieve headaches. In fact, many people are cured just by drinking tea. Serve one glass of warm tea, try brewed tea instead of bags and still leaf-shaped-leaf tea. Like the previous review, if green tea has the benefit of helping soothe.


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