Benefits of Ginger to Cure Various Diseases

Benefits of ginger to cure various diseases. Ginger or with Latin Zingiber Officinale is one of the popular rhizome plants to be used as spices and also as a medicinal ingredient. A bulging finger-shaped finger on the middle sections. The dominant spicy flavor of ginger is due to a ketone compound called zingeron.

Benefits of Ginger

Benefits of ginger can be used to serve as body warmers. Especially in cold or rainy weather. It is suitable to consume ginger so the body becomes warmer. Ginger is also often made as a drink that can be used to warm the body. Here are the benefits of ginger.

Benefits of Ginger to Cure Various Diseases

1. Launch the blood circulation

The benefits of ginger the first is the launch of blood circulation. Gingerol found in ginger is an anticoagulant that will prevent the occurrence of blood clots. By preventing blockage of blood vessels which is a major cause of the disease stroke and even heart attack.

2. Stomach bloating

Ginger extract is beneficial for a often suffer from stomach bloating and pain. Ginger can be used to treat disorders in the digestion and irritation of the intestine.

3. Treat migraine

In a study shows ginger can stop prostaglandins, which is where the prostaglandin is one of the factors causing headache. With that, the ginger was able to reduce the migraine or headache side.

4. Fever and cough

Gingerol in ginger that has been previously described can launch blood circulation. Gingerol content can also be used to reduce fever and cough. Consuming ginger means suppressing the onset of side effects such as those contained in chemicals.

5. Prevent stomach distended

By consuming ginger regularly and before eating can prevent the occurrence of bulges. Because ginger is beneficial for the launch of metabolism and digestion. With the availability of an increased metabolism such that impact will accelerate the burning of calories and flatten the stomach distended.

6. Lowering blood pressure

Ginger able to stimulate release of the hormone adrenaline and also to be able to expand blood vessels, which can result in the blood flow becomes more smoothly and more quickly as well as be able to lighten the work of the heart in pumping blood.

7. Lose weight

Ginger as mentioned above that ginger can dilate blood vessels that burn calories into body heat and the ginger just pregnancy little calories contained, so it does not contribute to raise the weight. Consuming ginger by making a drink every day can maintain health and metabolism.


8. Treat a toothache

Gum pain and toothache can also be prevented by drinking water ginger. This is because ginger is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.

9. Prevent menstrual cycle is irregular

The benefits of ginger one can be beneficial to keep the regularity menstrual cycle for women. In China for example, ginger which is then mixed with brown sugar in tea many consumed to reduce the sense of cramp at the moment of the coming months.

10 Make the body of the mighty

The content of the compounds contained ginger is inclamation. This is certainly effective in terms of building muscle in body parts such as muscles in the arms. Based on a study that can be concluded by consuming ginger regularly and routine can help to reduce the pain that occurs in the muscle caused by excessive physical exercise.

11. As a cure of acne

In a study previously conducted at the University of Maryland Medical Center, to help in preventing acne on the skin is recommended to consume ginger maximum of 4 grams / day. Because if too much in consuming ginger can cause side effects such as irritation and diarrhea.

12. Cure travel sickness

In to which often suffer from motion sickness in the course, you should consume the drink ginger.The spices on this one are believed to reduce nausea also cure jet lag.

13. Nature anti allergic

The benefits of ginger together with grape seed extract can be beneficial to help reduce fever and similar problems that often can happen during the season of allergy.

14. Treat morning sickness

Nausea, flatulence and feel like vomiting on the morning of the day, including in women who are pregnant. Morning sickness can be cured by consuming drink concoctions of ginger.

15. Negates free radicals

Ginger pregnancy antioxidant content that able to be able to overcome the damaging effect because caused by free radicals in the body.

16. Inflammation

Ginger as in number 1 that ginger has the content of the compound named gingerol. The compound gingerol is responsible for the as the overpowering aroma and nutritional anti-inflammatories. At the moment looking for a cure anti inflammation make sure the medicine has the content of gingerol.

17. Arthritis

Extracts of ginger are also beneficial in sufferers of arthritis and osteoarthritis. The content on the ginger already believed to be pregnant components that may inhibit the COX, where COX is one of the chemicals the body in charge about the onset of inflammation. Drugs prescription inhibiting the COX this usually has the side effects that can be disadvantageous to the body. The benefits of ginger as one of cure natural herbal can have nourishment similar and without the side effects.

18. Clean the dirt in the body

When often consume ginger on a routine basis by way of brewed, it can make the body become sweaty. Through the sweat that’s released different types of dirt the evil that there is in the body.

19. The fight against cancer cells

The nutritional content found in ginger can be beneficial to help muffle the development of cancer cells in the body. On a number of studies reveal that nutritional ginger extract was able to combat varied kinds of cancer like cancer ovary and bowel cancer.

20. Lowering cholesterol

On a number of studies that have shown with consuming ginger is able effectively to reduce the absorption of cholesterol in the blood and also the liver. The content of gingerol found in ginger also has an effect which is an anticoagulant that is able to prevent the occurrence of blood clots. Content in ginger can stimulate the release of the hormone adrenaline in the end be able to facilitate the flow of blood circulation.

21. Treat the bite wound snake

How to use ginger to treat wounds snake bite with a punch rhizome and given a little salt, then stick it on the wound snake bite is poisonous and is only used as a first aid, to handling more patients brought to the hospital.

22. Relieve pain

Natural pain relievers and can also be used to relieve headaches. How to use by drinking a drink made from ginger 3 times a day.

23. Pain and stiff joints

In a clinical trials that can be summed up ginger turned out to be get rid of the pain as I mentioned above, increase movement in joints, as well as reduce swelling associated with rheumatoid arthritis. The benefits of ginger are others also able to help relieve pain in the buttocks and headaches like migraines.

Well that’s the 23 benefits of ginger are amazing for the health of the body. By consuming ginger regularly can be beneficial for treating tooth pain or can be used as a drug acne and so on.

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