Benefits Of Betel Leaf To Help Overcome Bad Breath

Benefits of betel leaf to help overcome bad breath. Betel plant can be used as a traditional herbal medicinal herb that is safe and potent.Benefits of betel leaves for health, including bad breath, prevent cancer, as well as maintain the health of teeth and gums.

Efficacy of betel leaves to make your breath fresh have been proven effective, even from the time of their ancestors. The culture of the ancestors of this not just as a pastime, but also aims to maintain the health of the mouth, teeth, and gums. Effects, breath remained fresh despite not using toothpaste.

Benefits of betel leaf
Betel Leaf

The distinctive Aroma of the leaves of the betel plant originated from the essential oils in it, namely methyl eugenol, eugenol, eucalyptol, and stearic acid.

According to the study “Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention” in 2011, the benefits of chewing betel leaf (instead of consuming) is to prevent bad breath, make your breath fresher, as well as caring for the health of teeth and gums.

The stems of the plants betel is also efficacious to treat digestive disorders, constipation, cough, and asthma. While the content of essential oils in betel leaves are useful as a natural antiseptic.

What Are The Causes Of Bad Breath Odor?

In medical terms, bad breath is called halitosis. The cause of this halitosis varies, ranging from rarely brushing teeth, how to brush teeth are less true, consumption of certain foods (onion, garlic, eggs, and cheese), until there are health problems in the mouth, teeth or gums.

How to cultivate betel to be a traditional herb in fact is very various. In addition to nutritious to make fresh breath, betel leaf also useful to overcome the problem of femininity like the scent of the female sex organs, treat vaginal discharge, menstrual secretes too much blood, and treat the itching on the “miss V”.

Benefits Of Betel Leaf To Help Overcome Bad Breath

Herb ingredients :
  • 7 pieces of betel leaf
  • 1 bowl of clean water
How to make a decoction of betel :
  • Wash the betel leaves using running water.
  • Take 1 bowl of water, enter the 7 pieces of leaves into it.
  • Knead for a few moments until the leaves are crushed.
  • Strain the water betel leaf.
How to wear a concoction of betel :
  • Use the water to gargle in the morning and at night before bed.
  • Do every day regularly, god willing, bad breath odor will disappear and turn into a breath of fresh naturally.

It is true of processed herbal leaves betel homemade has a high content of natural substances that is more complete compared to the processed products plant. This is because the content of phytochemicals in them are still intact and perfect.

However, you can wear the processed products of betel ready to use (toothpaste and the like) to overcome the problem of breath odor. Because certainly the processing of these products still paying attention to the natural content in the leaves of betel. So you need not worry.

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