Benefits Of Avocado For Health And Beauty

Benefits of avocado for health and beauty. Avocado comes from Central America and Mexico. But now not a few who cultivate as monoculture plantation crops. Or home yard in the tropics such as Central America and South America. The name of the avocado is first said by the Aztecs living in Central America and Mexico. This plant has been introduced to the population of central Europe of the 16th century by Martin Fernandez de Enciso. He is a leader of the Spanish troops when colonize Central America.

The shape of the fruit tend to be oblong and the size of large seeds has many benefits that we don’t know. The many benefits of avocado that we don’t realize. One of them is the benefits of avocado to prevent harmful diseases and improve the metabolism of the body. Not only that the stored content of avocado which can give a good effect. And can support the beauty of the skin and face.

Benefits Of Avocado

Content owned by fruit of the avocado to make an avocado as a fruit that has benefits are very varied. Such as the fat contained in avocado fruit is classified as on the type of good fat. The protein owned avocado consists of 4 grams of protein and a lot more compared to other fruit. The sugar content is owned by fruit of the avocado is relatively low. Namely 0.2 grams of sugar, avocados contain vitamins K, B9, B6, B5, C, and vitamin E2. As well as have a fiber content that is good enough.

The results of the research have shown that consuming omega-6 is one of the important factors in cardiovascular diseases and it is highly recommended to lower intake of polyunsaturated fats and increase the amount of monounsaturated fatty acids in the food we consume. Respond to it can be advisable to consume avocado, because avocado is a source of oleic acid is monounsaturated. Which has been tested in a number of studies and can reduce LDL (bad cholesterol). And increase HDL (good cholesterol) in the blood. To be clearer about the benefits of avocado, here are a few benefits that have fruit avocado:

Benefits Of Avocado For Health And Beauty

There are at least 10 benefits of avocado fruit that you should know

Benefits Of Avocado

1. Inhibit The Growth Of Cancer Cells

The content of the compounds possessed by fruit of the avocado can help to slow down/ inhibit cancer cells. As well as play an active role in the search for new cancer cells. And plays a direct role in destroying cancer cells new the without an adverse impact on the cells health other active.


2. Maintain Weight

For those of you who are in the weight loss program there is no harm in adding the avocado fruit into your diet menu. This can be supported by the content of the avocado fruit which is cholesterol free and low in calories, and can replace the sources of fat other.

3. Give Energy to the Body

Its calorie content is owned by the avocado is very high. So consuming avocado by mixing the sugar the body will get enough energy high. And can also be used to perform daily activities.

4. Lowers blood pressure

Avocados contain compounds that can help overcome the problems that often appear in our health. Increasing blood pressure (hypertension) is certainly very disturbing daily activities. Therefore to overcome these problems it is advisable to consume avocado fruit. Because it can be used as an alternative to lower blood pressure.

5. Maintain Eye Health

Avocados contain lutein which is plentiful, where lutein is responsible for maintaining the health of the power of human vision. It can be strengthened with the results of the research stating that high levels of lutein in avocados can decrease the risk of abnormalities in the eye such as degeneration of the macula and cataracts.

6. Maintaining Heart Health

Avocado it is good for maintaining heart health. The preservation of the health of the heart then the blood supply throughout the body will be smooth. Thus the body will be spared from a wide variety of disorders associated with heart health. Such as heart attack and coronary heart disease.

7. Prevent Inflammation

The content of anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammation which is owned by fruit of the avocado is quite good. For that it is advisable to consume avocado fruit to prevent the occurrence of inflammation in the body.

8. Reduce Wrinkles

The content of antioxidants and amino acids in avocados can help in the process of removal of toxins that lead to premature aging and wrinkles on the skin. So for those of you who want to perform with the skin toned and youthful, it is advisable to consume avocado or can also be used as an ingredient in face care and skin.

9. Moisturize The Skin

Content owned by fruit of the avocado this can be used as the main ingredient in facial treatments. The avocado has a content that can provide moisture to our skin is by way of making a face mask with a mixture of other natural materials.

10. Cleanse The Skin

The content of vitamin A which is owned avocado can help in the process of removal of dead skin cells in the body. The oil content owned by the avocado can be easily absorbed by the skin and is suitable for use lation to a spa treatment and so forth. This can help provide nutrition to the layers of the skin, and can stimulate the growth of new skin cells, and can increase the blood circulation of the skin.


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