Benefits of Aloe Vera to Cure Various Diseases

Benefits of aloe vera to cure various diseases. Aloe vera is a plant that grows in tropical climates with a shape resembling a cactus. This plant has been used by many people because the many benefits and usefulness.

The gel and latex of this plant is most often used for the treatment. You can find the content of the gel on the inside of the flesh of aloe leaves. While the content of latex you can get right under the skin of such plants with a yellowish tint. To get a variety of benefits of this plant, you can directly consume it or you can make it as a topical medication for external use of the body.

 Benefits of aloe vera

The following 14 Benefits of Aloe Vera to Cure Various Diseases

1. Benefits of aloe vera to Treat acne

One of the benefits of aloe vera that has been proven to be effective namely as acne medications. Aloe vera contains active compounds called polyphenols as anti-bacterial agent.

These components can help eliminate the acne on your face by preventing the growth of bacteria that trigger the formation of acne.

  1. Do not forget to wash your face first
  2. Apply the gel content of aloe vera on the face with acne every morning and evening.

In addition, for optimal results, use aloe vera gel as acne medication 35% more effective when followed with the use of acne medication from the doctor.


2. Benefits of aloe vera to Accelerates the healing of wounds in the skin

Aloe vera has compounds which can accelerate wound healing in the skin called with glucomannan and gliberelin. These compounds will improve circulation of blood and the formation of collagen in the area around the wound. So that the formation of new tissue can take place more quickly.

In addition, the active compound this can also prevent cell death in the area around the wound, thereby reducing the appearance of scars.

  1. Wash the wound to clean
  2. Make sure the bleeding in the wound is stopped.
  3. If the incision is still bleeding, stop the bleeding first by pressing the wound using gauze.
  4. Apply aloe vera gel to the wound evenly.

Keep in mind that handling open wounds should always be in a clean state, so it is with the aloe vera used must be washed first.

3. Benefits of aloe vera to Help treat herpes

Herpes is one of skin disease caused by infection with Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV). This skin disease often encountered by the characteristic form of the red spots clustered that contains water bubbles on the skin, which feels hot and itchy.

Herpes is a relapse-a relapse or may reappear after recovery when your immune system is down.

  1. To treat herpes, part aloe vera that can be used is a 0.5% aloe vera extract that has been processed in the form of a cream.
  2. You can find this product with various brands on the market. Apply this cream 3x a day for 5 days to 2 weeks.

Keep in mind that the old healing herpes disease is supported by the body’s immune system.

4. Benefits of aloe vera to Accelerate the healing of thrush or sores in the mouth

Not infrequently we find the mouth we experience a thrush is a result of the bite, hurt when brushing your teeth to hard, or when we lack vitamin C.

To accelerate the healing of wounds thrush, you can use aloe vera as a mixture while gargling or directly applying aloe vera gel on the part that suffered the wound. Vitamin C content of aloe vera can accelerate the healing of canker sores.

In addition, the content of lupeol in aloe vera acts as an antiseptic and helps reduce pain in the mouth.

  1. To use aloe vera gel directly, you can apply 2-3x a day until the sores of thrush cured.
  2. While as a mouthwash solution, you can dissolve 2 tablespoons of aloe gel into clean water and use to gargle for 2 minutes.

Do this 4x a day to accelerate wound healing thrush. This method has been proven to have healing effects together with the use of corticosteroid drugs commonly applied topically to heal wounds in the mouth.

5. Benefits of aloe vera to Help the treatment of psoriasis

For some people who suffer from psoriasis certainly felt very disturbed by this skin disease. Red blotches that often appear with itching accompanied by skin flaking appear due to an autoimmune reaction in the body. This skin disease occurs because the body’s immune system incorrectly recognizes its own antibodies as the enemy, so it appears the reaction resistance in the form of the skin disease psoriasis.

In the treatment of psoriasis, aloe vera contains compounds alprogen that can inhibit the autoimmune reaction.

  1. You can avail the 0.5% aloe vera extract that has been packaged in the form of a cream.
  2. Apply this cream 3x a day for 4 weeks to accelerate healing patches of psoriasis. In addition, the moisture from the aloe vera can reduce the symptoms of itching in the skin.

6. Benefits of aloe vera to Accelerates the healing of burns

Aloe vera has high water content and are cold. Therefore, this plant is often used for the treatment of burns, whether caused by heat or certain chemicals.

In addition, the content of anti-bacteria can prevent secondary infections which commonly appear on the burns prolonged and antioxidant effects that aloe vera can inhibit the reaction of inflammation in burns.

However, please be aware that the studies that have been conducted so far proved that aloe vera is only able to help the healing of burns of degree 1 and degree 2, in which burns has yet to penetrate the deep layers of the skin called the dermis.

  1. Apply the gel of aloe vera 2x a day for 6 weeks or until the burns healed.
  2. You can mix it with olive oil to get the healing effect is better.

7. Benefits of aloe vera to Help resolve the dermatitis or eczema

Dermatitis or eczema is an inflammation on the skin that often appear on the sensitive skin, especially in areas with hot weather. The skin will appear red spots appear, and also itching. Aloe vera can help overcome the problem of eczema you are experiencing.

Cold sensation of the gel of aloe vera can reduce the itching and compounds such as alprogen and C-glukosil contained in it can inhibit the reaction of inflammation and relieve the red rash that appears.

  1. Slices of aloe vera to get the gel.
  2. Then apply aloe vera gel on the area affected by eczema or dermatitis 2x a day until the eczema symptoms disappear.

8. Benefits of aloe vera to Keep the youthfulness of the skin

There has been much research that proves that aloe vera has great benefits for the health of the skin, one of which is to maintain the youthfulness of the skin. The content of antioxidants found in aloe vera can fight against free radicals that play a role in the aging process of the skin.

In addition, aloe vera is also proven to enhance collagen production that maintains the elasticity of the skin so that the skin look is always toned and fresh look.

  1. Use aloe vera gel as a mask to the whole body including the face and leave for 20 minutes.
  2. After that rinse by using clean water.

Do this 2x a week to get the skin youthful as you want.


9. Benefits of aloe vera to Get rid of tinea versicolor on face

In addition as an anti-bacterial agent, aloe vera also has the ability as anti-fungal agents. One of the content in aloe vera can inhibit the growth of fungi which often appear as tinea versicolor on the skin.

  1. Apply aloe gel to the skin area infected with the tinea versicolor and leave for 10-15 minutes.
  2. After that rinse the gel with clean water.
  3. Repeat this step 2x a day until the ringworm in your skin disappear.

10. Benefits of aloe vera to Helps eliminate plaque on the teeth

The plaque on the teeth often make a person not trust himself to smile. One of the causes of the emergence of dental plaque. Such as the presence of a substance that is produced by bacteria found in the oral cavity. To overcome this, you can use aloe vera as a rinse solution.

It has been proved in a study that says that aloe vera juice can inhibit the growth of bacteria in the oral cavity. In addition, aloe vera also has the effectiveness of the same with a compound of chlorhexidine contained in the mouthwash in removing plaque teeth at once whiten teeth your yellow.

  1. Cut 1 stalk of aloe vera plant and wash it thoroughly.
  2. Next cut the aloe vera plant into smaller parts then put in a blender by adding little water.
  3. Gargle by using aloe vera juice for 2-3 minutes then proceed to rinse using clean water. Do this step regularly 2x a day for 15-30 days.

11. Benefits of aloe vera To cope with constipation

In addition to the powerful maintain the health of the skin. Aloe vera can be consumed to provide the effect of in the body. One of the benefits of consuming aloe vera that is overcome constipation/constipation/difficult bowel movements.

This time it is not the effect of aloe vera gel is utilized, but a part of the cortex of aloe vera which is right under the skin of the leaves. Part of the cortex has a component called aloin/barbaloin which have a laxative effect.

Laxative effect makes aloe vera can be used as a laxative to smooth defecation. Aloin is a laxative to increase bowel movements and soften the stool (feces the rest of the digestion will be issued).

However, you can still consume aloe vera juice which has a high fiber content to overcome constipation you may be experiencing.

Consumption of aloe vera is not recommended for pregnant women because it has side effects trigger the onset of uterine contractions which can result in miscarriage or premature birth.

12. Benefits of aloe vera to Lose weight

Another benefit which is also very interesting from aloe vera namely the effect of weight loss , especially in people with overweight or obesity.

Aloe vera has a high fiber content can help bind fat and digestion so that the process of absorption of nutrients to run properly and prevent accumulation of fat. Consumption 147mg aloe vera gel 2x a day for 8 weeks regularly to get this benefit.


13. Benefits of aloe vera to Help treat diabetes

In a study mention that aloe vera can increase the sensitivity of the hormone insulin that works in control blood sugar levels in the body. This can help in the treatment of diabetes.

Consumption of aloe extract 1x daily can help control sugar levels in the blood. However, keep in mind that aloe vera only helps control the diabetes, not as a replacement therapy diabetes medication given by the doctor.

14. Benefits of aloe vera to Lowering cholesterol levels in the blood

A research proved that aloe vera has benefits in lowering cholesterol levels in the blood by 15-25 %. The content of amino acids in aloe vera are able to bind to cholesterol in the blood to be processed and excreted from the body.

You can consume aloe extract 1x a day regularly. And of course needs to be balanced with keeping your diet low in cholesterol.

Some amazing benefits of aloe vera have been described above. The time you apply and get a myriad of efficacy positive of aloe vera to your body.

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