Antibodies To The Opponents Of The Ebola Virus Outbreak

Antibodies to the opponents of the ebola virus outbreak. Health experts have found ways to treat patients affected by five types of Ebola virus. One of which struck west Africa two years ago.

Antibodies that can neutralize the Ebola virus, obtained from the blood of survivors of Ebola outbreak. Exactly in West Africa between 2013 and 2016.The Virus that resulted in the deaths of more than 11,000. From to-29.000 people infected in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone.

Ebola Virus

The Virus was named Ebola because it comes from the river Ebola, in Congo. Formerly named Zaire, when the first outbreak occurred in 1976.

Since it happened more than 20 times the Ebola outbreak in Africa. And now there were nine more people exposed to the virus in the Congo. Three other people died of the disease.

Kartik Chandran, of the faculty of medicine, Albert Einstein managed to find antibodies that fight the virus and explain it in the journal Cell.

Chandran optimistic that the antibodies that can be used to treat patients affected by all types of the Ebola virus. He said:

“Based on the study conducted on animals are not primates, I am optimistic that the antibodies that can be used to fight the Ebola virus.”

Antibodies To The Opponents Of The Ebola Virus Outbreak

Researchers have found approximately 350 types of antibodies from the blood sample of the human, and the two could neutralize the three types of the Ebola virus in the test tube.

Antibodies that turned out to inhibit the process that is used by Ebola virus to enter and multiply in the human body.

Drug company Mapp Pharmaceutical is now are test antibodies on monkey, before test it with on the human.

Chandran said, of human antibodies that attack and annihilate all types of Ebola virus that is now known. Said Chandran again, while commercialize antibodies that will be used to treat Ebola patients, he envisions the use of a vaccine made of antibodies that to prevent the onset of new outbreaks.

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