5 Types of Skin Diseases, Symptoms and Treatment

5 types of skin diseases, symptoms and treatment. The skin becomes the most substantial part for the human body. The skin covering all parts of the organs of the body, so that the appearance becomes more attractive. That’s when there are some parts of the skin that is stricken with the disease, it can cause a person to become not confident. There are several types of skin diseases can easily be cured, but there are several types of skin disease that difficult to cure.

Skin Diseases

The skin has a very important role, not only for appearance but also to help in regulating the body temperature normal.One of the skin conditions that are difficult to be estimated is when the skin irritated and cause a rash redness. For this reason it is important for us to know the various skin diseases and how to cure it.

5 types of skin diseases, symptoms and ways of treatment

1. Acne

Acne is one skin problem that is caused because there is interference on the part of the glands of the skin. The glands of the skin connected directly to the part of the pores of the skin. The oil glands in the bottom of the skin can be exposed to infection from the dirt outside that enter through the pores, dead skin cells and bacteria or virus. Eventually the acne will be formed on parts of the pores and make the appearance less attractive.


Acne can be a disorder that is very common and can happen to anyone. There are no specific symptoms that accompany the appearance of acne. Some people feel surprised when there are small bumps on the face that will grow into pimples. To prevent acne, follow a few instructions below :

  • Wipe the face regularly in the morning and afternoon. Clean the rest of the face makeup and use the products skin moisturizer that suits the type of facial skin.
  • Avoid too much consume a variety of foods that are fried, food packaging and food that contain too much additives in food.
  • Drinking water regularly every day can also help increase the metabolic process and prevent acne.
  • Make yourself feel comfortable and avoid stress. Stress can trigger the production of hormones that cause growth of acne.

There are different types of ways to treat acne. Here are a few effective steps for treating acne :

  • Use toothpaste containing the ingredients triclosan and hydrogen peroxide. Apply toothpaste on the pimples at night and wash off in the morning.
  • Use a mask made of tomato juice and honey. Mix the tomato paste and honey and use such as wear a mask.
  • Use honey and freshly squeezed lemon juice could make pimples dry fast.
  • Paste of cucumber can make cool effects for acne and prevent infection.



Eczema is a kind skin disease that can occur in a very long time. Even many sufferers of eczema who feel desperate because eczema is a very annoying activity and appearance. Eczema is indicated by small bumps and then develops into a rash. At a more severe stage, then the eczema can cause infection. Eczema usually strikes some part of the body such as knees, elbows, hands, feet and can spread if already be eczema.

The cause

Causes of eczema in particular is never known. However the causes of skin allergies that have eczema, are usually sensitive to certain types of food because of allergic reactions. In addition, many people with eczema are very sensitive to pressure and stress. Certain bacterial infections can also cause the eczema to become more severe.

Symptoms The Skin Diseases

Early symptoms of eczema are usually only in the form of itching, which then developed into a rash. Reddish rash will become swollen and if in the scratching then it could cause a bacterial infection from the outside. The type of bacteria most commonly found are bacteria staphiococcus and streptococci.

How To Care

Eczema is usually treated with some type of drug skin ointment containing sulfur or a special material. Powder for eczema are effective but can only be used for the symptoms of the beginning of the course. While the eczema already. still need some of the drugs that contain antibiotics. Eczema can appear and continue to grow because it’s treatment of eczema requires a longer time.

3. Tinea versicolor

Tinea versicolor is a type of skin disease that is very common and can happen to all people. This skin diseases will make someone feel very embarrassed because of white patches that will continue to spread. Tinea versicolor including a variety of skin diseases that are caused due to a fungal infection that attack on the part of the pigment of the skin. Infection of tinea versicolor which occurs will cause the white patches will be visible because it is different with the other.


Disease symptoms of tinea versicolor will usually cause some parts of the skin look more white. In addition, there is itching will be felt in the back, neck, upper arms and chest. Tinea versicolor is often attack skin changes against the hot weather, skin that is too oily and people with weakened immune.


How To Treatment That Skin Diseases

Tinea versicolor can be treated with ointments or creams to the skin that contain several ingredients such as clotrimazole, sulfur, mikonazol and selenium sulfide. In addition, it’s tinea versicolor is also treated traditionally by using galangal or ginger are rubbed on parts of tinea versicolor.

How To Prevent

Tinea versicolor is indeed infectious disease in case of contact with sufferers that is associated directly, such as soap, towels or clothes. To cope with tinea versicolor then maintain the health of the skin is a step in the right. Bathe regularly and always keep the natural moisture of the skin.


Scabies is one type of skin disease caused due to the attack of mites or lice small. Kind of small tick that is often referred to by the term sarcoptes scabiei. This skin diseases will cause patches of redness on the skin specific. Infection of the little vermin can get into the deep part of the skin then suck the blood and cause red spots.

This disease is very easily transmitted only by physical contact with the patient. Even direct contact with clothing or toiletries can also cause infection.


The symptoms of scurvy is almost the same with type of other skin diseases. There is itching which is very strong in some parts of the skin when the tick penetrates the skin’s layers. Then used the lice will grow small bumps, then blisters and spreads to other parts of the skin. Some of these problems is usually a lot of attacking on the fingers, around the waist, chest, knees, and shoulder blades.

How To Treatment The Skin Diseases

Before the scabies develop into a very serious disease and difficult to treat, then at the early stages can be treated easily. Some of the ways that can be done to treat scabies is to soak the skin that itch with cold water, wear a moisturizer that contains calamine. If the condition is severe then it can wear antibiotics and antihistamines.

How To Prevent

How to prevent scabies or the spread of scabies should be done with caution. The tick that causes scabies easy to skip and move then attack other people. So how to prevention is as below :

  • Clean all clothes and contents of the rooms people affected by the disease scabies.
  • Wash and soak all clothes, towels and blankets in warm water then drying under the sun.
  • Dispose of all types of equipment unused in the house to prevent used as a nest for fleas.
  • Wipe the bed with a special material that can kill lice and if necessary drying under the sun.


Herpes is a type of skin disease caused by a virus. This diseases can cause the skin to become rash. This disease is very annoying because it usually causes pain and fever in the sufferer. The cause of the disease herpes is a virus varisella. The Virus can attack on the part of the spine and brain so that the disease often quickly heal and then appear again.


Early symptoms of herpes disease usually characterized by a rash or small spots on certain parts of the body. After that, there will be a sense of burning. If the affected part is touched then it can cause infection on the area in the vicinity. Fluid herpes that broke out and the itching will be easily transmitted to others and spread to other parts of the body. The symptoms can further lead to headache, fever and body easily tired.

How To Care This Skin Diseases

How to treatment herpes by using a special cream for the skin that contains antibiotics. In addition, people who have been exposed to infection. should do the vaccination to increase the immunity of the body against virus attacks varisella.

Various skin diseases which occur not only disturb the appearance, but also can cause the disease more acute. Therefore keep the cleanliness of the skin and form the body’s immune can be done to prevent all types of skin diseases that easily attack us. Maintain personal hygiene, clothes and the environment will keep the skin from some of the potential viral and bacterial causes of skin diseases.


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