5 Healthy Drinks That Are Beneficial To Our Body

5 Healthy drinks that are beneficial to our body. All people certainly know that white water is a drink that is very good for consumption. That because it gives good benefits to our health. Yet in addition to white water, still many types of other beverages also can help keep the condition of the health of a person. Before You know it the clear between the drink-the drink nothing carbonated. The reason carbonated beverages have an impact which is bad for the health. For that, You should better familiarize yourself consuming drinks that are good for health such as the following.

5 Healthy drinks

5 Healthy Drinks That Are Beneficial To Our Body

1. White Water

As you said earlier, white water has many good benefits to keep your health condition. Also water is also useful for beauty. For example making the skin becomes more fresh and healthy, repel stubborn acne on the face. And there are many more benefits that you will get from drinking water

2. Coffee

Some are of the opinion that consuming coffee is not good for your health. Says who? Coffee it s good for Your health if not consumed to excess, at least someone’s coffee drink just two glasses a day. The benefits that You get from coffee comes from caffeine which is contained, that is to increase vigilance and also prevent heart attacks, bowel cancer, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s.

3. Milk

Milk contains a lot of calcium which is very good to strengthen the bones, in addition the milk is also nutritious to get rid of the fat excess stored in fat cells in the body. For You who want to keep the ideal weight, choose a type of milk that doesn’t contain fat so Your weight has not increased.

4. Green Tea

The benefits of green tea alone are numerous, for example to strengthen the metabolic system in the body, calm the mind, and control diabetes. While the content of flavonoids and polyphenols in green tea can help improve the body’s immune. And the content of his catechins can be to relieve excessive sleepiness and relieve stress as well.


5. Lemon

Bush fresh one this could be You if be the juice and its benefits already fixed the same however it is different appearance. Lemon pregnancy vitamin C that works to strengthen the immune system and add energy if consumed in the morning.


That’s some good drink to the health of You, may from 5 the name of the drinks listed on one of them there which became a favorite drink.

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